Take 5 Minutes to Understand How Google Search Works

Another Excellent Infographic Offers Content Marketers a First Baby Step to Findability

How Google Works 600pix

Courtesy of PPCBlog.com

If you’re in business today, you have to be on the Internet.  But, being there is barely a beginning.

Once you are on the Internet, it’s vital that your potential customers can find you and your content by searching on Google and other search engines. That’s what SEO is all about.

Before Fretting about SEO, First Get a Clue About How Google Works from PPCBLOG’s Infographic

There have been lots of books white papers, articles and websites devoted to the whole issue of Google and search engine optimization. But for most of business owners and professionals, a basic understanding of how Google works will suffice so that you won’t be bamboozled when some slick-talking SEO sales rep tries to make getting found by Google and the rest sound more complicated than it actually is.

That’s why I love this infographic that takes you on a virtual walk-through of the Google search process. Take five minutes to go through it, you will have a much better understanding of what Google and search engines are all about.

Perhaps this inspiring infographic will also motivate you to create your own visual to illustrate to your potential customers how your business or service works to their benefit.

Check out the full size “How Google Works” infographic at PPCBlog.com

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