Learn How to Do an SEO-Optimized Online News Release from the New IPad Todo App Example

Even small companies can make a news splash by emulating these best practices on PR Web

Appigo ToDo PR Web news release

The iPad is the new computing superstar with 2 million units sold in 2 months. As a result, plenty of small companies are benefiting from the apps they have developed for the new tablet computer. Within this new environment, startups can thrive by creating unique and usable software applications that enable iPad users to be more productive.

Todo from Appigo is one such app. It’s a very intuitive application that helps users manage to-do lists, tasks, and projects on their iPad. Because the iPad is hot news, great apps are potentially newsworthy, too. Unfortunately, there are plenty of competitive choices even at this early date.

How, then, can this one small player stand out from the crowd?

As a critical component of their content marketing strategy, the company behind Todo, Appigo,  issued a news release  that makes it very easy to find and to learn about  the company and the product. This is great for users who are looking for information, but it is also a lifesaver for reporters with too much to do and too little time to do it . 

They chose PR Web, which is an affordable new release service offering a lot of handholding for small companies who are new to the PR game.  In addition, it offers broad distribution across the web for every release.

Why This News Release Is so Effective

  • Their headline and subhead make it obvious why we should care about this news release and includes keywords(bold type below) for easy findability :

    Raises the Bar for Beautiful iPad Apps by Launching Todo for iPad
    Appigo Todo
    for iPad Takes Advantage of the iPad’s Large Screen by Presenting a Planner-like Interface for Managing To-do Lists and Tasks. Todo for iPad is Now Available on the iPad App Store at a Special Introductory Price.

  • They integrate those obvious but important key words such as iPad,to do, task, and Appigo throughout the release so that Google and other search engines—as well as users and reporters–can find the release easily.
  • The news release does an excellent job of explaining what Todo does and why we should care. And, it takes only 557 words to do it.
  • For potential customers , it tells us exactly where we can buy this App.
  • They provide contact information for a real live human being with his phone number and e-mail address.
  • They include 5 HTML tags that provide links to external sources. All of those external links are very appealing to Google.
  • They highlight a terrific callout quote which sums up the Todo experience– and this quote is hyperlinked to the company website:
    "Holding Todo for iPad in your hand just as you would a daily planner is an incredible experience that gives you motivation to be productive."
  • appigo ToDo screenshot They provide plenty of images that will be available for industry publications or bloggers to use in enhancing their articles. This includes an appealing logo icon and multiple screenshots.
  • They offer a window to the company website so you can see what’s available there and can then click to go directly to the site.
  • They provide a link to a media kit for reporters and bloggers
  • They provide links to printer friendly versions, PDF version, and a Reader version.
  • They offer a “Share this” link so that you can spread the word via e-mail, Facebook, Twitteror Google Buzz, among others.

Appigo is a small company, but it’s thinking big about the huge iPad opportunity. Its effective use of a PR Web press release puts it in the same league as much larger organizations.  Did it work? Well, in a search today for “iPad to-do list,” the Appigo App came in 5 of the top ten results on page one. Not bad for a little guy.

P.S. It is a terrific App, one of my iPad favorites.

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