You Can’t Fake Authenticity as This ‘Live Attendant’ Proves to a Talking Dog

golden retriever  and laptop Your honest interactions with customers are critical to your content marketing success. So, please don’t make the mistake that this get rich quick marketing vendor program made with their fake ‘live attendant.’ 

This lame attempt at artificial online intelligence was amusing, but appalling.

I was awake late one night not too long ago and wound up on a marketing product site that didn’t want to let me go. Up popped the following dialogue between the fictional Lacey and my canine alter ego.  Her enthusiasm for her product never flagged in spite of my devious doggy replies.

See if you’re smarter at spotting a prevaricating PC pooch than ‘Lacey’ was in this actual dialogue (or dogalogue).








    Woof, indeed. 

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    1. Posted February 18, 2010 at 9:19 am | Permalink

      Obviously, the dog is smarter here. In fact, I suspect that a real dog would also be smarter. The lesson here? Stay away from your computer late at night! Great post–thanks!