Because Your People Are Vital to Your Business, You Should Make Them an Important Part of Your Website

Full body isolated portrait of young business man Visitors to two new client websites are spending a lot of time learning about their teams on pages devoted to team members. Why? Because your visitors understand that they must count on your people to deliver solutions to their problems.

When I recently reviewed the Google analytics data from two recently launched websites, the amount of time visitors spent on pages devoted to their team members reinforced the value of showcasing each organization’s team. Although, in both cases, a dozen or more pages got a solid level of traffic, their people pages ranked very close to the top.

Your customers want to know that you have the right people on the bus and that you truly value them.

When top corporate executives featured in Good to Great were asked to provide reasons for their success, they focused more than anything on their people. Author, Jim Collins, talked about the importance of getting the right people on the bus. Every leader understood that having the right team in place enabled them to manage almost any situation.  In effect, those leaders indicated that leadership was a heck of a lot easier if you had the right people to lead. 

Your customers know that, too. Sure, they will decide to do business with you in large part because of how you are positioned, on your ability to provide appropriate products and services that solve their problems, and on the competitiveness of your pricing. But, in the end, their trust in your team will take them from strong prospects to solid customers.

Your team = Your in-person content marketing

When we talk about content marketing, we talk about the importance of providing compelling and relevant information that helps make you trustworthy in the eyes of your future customers. Think of your team members as being vital to your in-person content marketing strategy. As we have written about the Ritz-Carlton, that’s one of their most compelling marketing weapons.

When you shine your Web spotlight on your team, you are sharing your pride in their capability to deliver results for your customers. That reinforces their role as your in-person content marketers who deliver just the right solutions for your customers.

We all love to walk into a workplace where it’s obvious that the employees love what they do. We know intuitively and almost instantly how we are likely to be treated by each company based on our initial interactions with their people.

Moreover, our employees thrive on positive recognition and reinforcement. The best employers provide that regularly on an internal basis. When you take the time and effort to feature them on your website as well, that’s one more powerful way to prove how important they are to your collective success.

The bottom line: Use your website to showcase the team that helps provide the solutions we are seeking. Sure, we want to know that you can solve our problems. But we also want to know something about the team members who will be powering those solutions. We love learning that you have great people and that you are proud to tell us about them.

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    Loved this article Newt. I couldn’t agree with you more about having the right people on the bus. I have a whole powerpoint presentation on Good to Great. We embrace quality patient-focused care at Florida Eye Health and certainly understand the importance of employee recognition. I always enjoy your newsletters – great info!