How to Sell Successfully Online by Understanding and Engaging with Your Buyer Personas

liberty mutual medical resident page Lessons for small business marketers from a very creative insurance website

You might not think of renter’s insurance as an especially lucrative product.  Although it may be very profitable, it’s certainly not expensive. Even so, there are plenty of renters who don’t bother to buy it because they just don’t see the value.  And, going after prospects for this inexpensive coverage on the phone or in-person would probably not be worth the effort.

That’s where imaginative content marketing plays a key role: It sells this important insurance product to folks who need it, but don’t yet know they need it.

Liberty Mutual does a fantastic job online with its site that targets what seems to be an ideal buyer persona: relatively affluent young people who have a fair amount of stuff that is worth a lot to replace. You can apply the best of what they do even with a small online marketing budget.

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Here’s the essence of what they do well:

  • Focus on what they know to be the financial risks their uninsured prospects will face, even though they typically underestimate or ignore their level of risk.
  • Provide strong visual elements that illustrate their buyer personas and their individual challenges and concerns
  • Offer lots of ‘what if’ scenarios to show the bad stuff that can happen and how renters insurance kicks in to help
  • Quantify potential losses in an accessible, story-driven way
  • Demonstrate the high probability of  bad things happening that would cost uninsured renters dearly.
  • Let visitors get a ballpark quote online without having to talk to anyone.

How you can replicate Liberty Mutual’s impact at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re thinking, “That’s all swell, but I couldn’t afford that splashy flash stuff,” you are focusing just on the sizzle and not the steak. 

In fact, if you really understand your buyers’ concerns and how you can help them, you can tell stories that are just as powerful with simpler visual tools. For example, you could create simple videos that you also upload to YouTube that share the nightmare of no insurance and the salvation of having it. You can embed slide shows with text or voice that illustrate the likely losses from lack of renters insurance. If you are in a real budget mode, you can just use well-written copy with plenty of graphics and visuals to tell the same kinds of stories that Liberty Mutual does with just as much impact.

As is so often true with effective content marketing. It’s really about the mindset, not the money.  Start thinking about how you can engage the buyer personas of your ideal target audience with compelling content that addresses their most important needs.

Remember that powerful story-telling goes back thousands of years when the only visuals were paintings on cave walls.  Imagine what you can do with the tools available to you today.

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