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Tom Whitwell’s headline “How to Write Awesome Headlines” might be better than mine.  However, they both have something critical in common: Each tells you exactly why you should read the article that follows.

How important is a great headline versus a poor headline? 

According to Tom, it’s not a few percent, it can mean 10 to 20 times greater readership.  That’s why paying careful attention to your headlines is vital.  They are the single most important element of your online articles.

Tom points out that a critical reason that headlines are so important today is that they are frequently separated from story content on the Internet.  That means your readers may not even see the lead paragraph to your story when they see your headline.

He sums up the task of writing great headlines succinctly:

It’s working out what the story is, what your reader will respond to, and how to squeeze all the goodness into 68 characters.

The following slide illustrates what great job he does with his own headlines and with compressing a lot of content into a few words.


More social media lessons from Tom’s slideshow

I learned about Tom Whitwell because he commented on my recent post,  How to Avoid the Five Bad Headline Mistakes That Can Torpedo Your Blog Readership. His comment was compelling enough that I tracked it back to look at his slideshow. By taking a few minutes to write a relevant comment, Tom now has the opportunity to expose his presentation to hundreds or perhaps thousands of additional viewers.

Tom takes everything a step further by using Slideshare which makes it very easy to share presentations Web wide  via Facebook or Twitter, for example.

Slideshows are a terrific way to communicate information visually to make it both more understandable and more compelling for your readers.

Be sure to check out Tom’s presentation so you can learn more about great headlines and great slideshows:

How to Write Awesome Headlines

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