How to Hit #2 in Google Search Results in 5 Months

nextbusnews 11-13-08 home Do what NextBus did. Put content marketing to work on your website!

NextBus is a dynamic high-tech company in the San Francisco Bay area.  Its sophisticated technology enables bus and train riders to do something important, but easy: they can determine exactly when the next bus is arriving so they can plan their travel intelligently.

Now NextBus has an equally sophisticated website which provides a rich variety of content relating directly to the problems and solutions critical to their customers.

Like many technology companies, they have focused more of their attention on the product than on marketing in recent years.  In early 2008, they decided to build a brand-new website that would be full of relevant and compelling content for its current and future customers. We’ve written previously about their website’s excellent use of WordPress as hailed by a University of San Francisco professor.  Click here to read that article.

Rich Content Delivers Google Search Leadership

Although NextBus launched in June 2008 and has been up for just five months, it already ranks high in Google search for one of the most important phrases relating to NextBus: “real-time passenger information systems.”  Any transit system looking for a leading edge technology solution would have an interest in providing real-time information that benefits both their passengers and their management team.  This is particularly impressive because NextBus as several competitors who are much larger and have much bigger marketing budgets. On the Web, however,NextBus has outmarketed their rivals.

RTPIS google search NB no.2

Once again, content marketing has driven impressive Google search results.  NextBus does not have a big marketing budget.  In fact they spend no money promoting their new website apart from their regular monthly eNewsletter. Therefore, it is absolutely certain that relevant content within the site raises its Google profile dramatically.  In fact, as of November 13, 2008, ranked number two out of a total of 208,000 pages returned in the search.  That’s pretty impressive.

So, if you had any doubts about the importance of relevant and compelling content, the NextBus example should eliminate them. And, if like most small businesses, your marketing budget is very limited, you can put content marketing to work online quickly and inexpensively.  Don’t wait. Do it now. 

And, if you’d like see an excellent example of a great website built with WordPress, be sure to visit

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