Talkability–That’s the Secret to Word-Of-Mouth Marketing!

Take it from author and PR guru, Rohit Bhargava.  Make your brand talkable.

personality not included home page Generating positive and pervasive word-of-mouth is easy if you do something starts everyone talking about you and your brand.

That’s what Rohit Bhargava posits in his wonderful book,  Personality Not Included.  Although I intend to review the entire book soon, I wanted to extract a wonderful point that he makes about the concept of talkability and its relationship to word-of-mouth marketing.

We all know that word-of-mouth marketing has been powerful from time immemorial.  That said, it’s easier to talk about it than to make it happen.  And,talkability is the ticket.

Happily, Rohit offers a simple concept to point you in the right direction. As he puts it,

The trick to marketing is to have something so cool, you’d want to talk about it even if you weren’t in the business.

Like many core components of content marketing, creating talkability has almost nothing to do with money and everything to do with the creation of a uniquely authentic and compelling experience.  It’s all about the storytelling that your customers will do on your behalf.

Rohit offers a great example of the band Sister Hazel.  I’ve never heard of them, but now thanks to Rohit I can tell their story. He notes that “Aside from creating great music, Sister Hazel is a potent example of a brand that cultivates its personality moments; it does this by maintaining an unwavering focus on building a relationship with its fans (whom they call Hazelnuts)”.

Their talkability moment comes from a regular practice of looking after fans who may be waiting in line for hours in the cold.  The band supplies them with pizza and even sings a few songs while the fans wait.  This has not only endeared them to their rabid fans but gives those fans a simple and compelling story to tell to lots of other folks who are likely to become brand-new fans as well .

Sister Hazel may make a lot of money, but it cost them almost nothing to supply pizza and songs.  You can apply exactly the same principle by doing something both unique and authentic which represents your brand so compellingly that you kick off a never ending word-of-mouth campaign.

Now run out and tell your fellow marketers all about the importance of talkability.  Of course, that’s right after you run out and buy Rohit’s book, Personality Not Included.

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    I enjoyed your post on talkability. I found similar inspiration in the unlikeliest of places – an Owen Wilson movie. “Finding your ness“, to me, is one of the keys of becoming awesome.

    And more awesomeness = more mouthiness. Or as you’ve put it – more talkability.

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