British PM Website is Moving to WordPress. Now It Should Be Your Turn!

number10 downing street website If the UK government with its mega-billion-dollar budget has confidence in WordPress to power its prime minister’s website, I think the rest of us can confidently consider making a similar move.

The surprising news came from Chris Garrett’s blog,  Chris writes consistently great stuff about blogging and new media.  Nonetheless, I was a little surprised to read this morning about merry old England’s move to a blog-powered website.  But, I think we can learn something from our friends across the pond.


Chris hypothesizes that the move to WordPress has a lot to do with the economy and restricted budgets.  But he also suggests that it may have something to do with time-to-market as well:

Think about it, consider how these things used to work. I used to be as guilty as any, building 7-figure monster bespoke content management systems over months that didn’t turn out much more capable than WordPress 2.6 is right out of the box.

He concludes that it may not really be a matter of money.  Instead, Chris says, “WordPress isn’t just being used because it is cheap, it is growing in favor because it works.”

Since we’ve written extensively about the power and flexibility of WordPress is a content management system, it’s gratifying to see increasing acceptance from surprising quarters. When 10 Downing St moves to WordPress, that should give almost anyone confidence to do exactly the same. 

WordPress is a powerful, flexible, and inexpensive content management solution.  You should most certainly take an in-depth look at WordPress.  Don’t let your Web designer tell you that he can do it better, cheaper or faster.  Perhaps, best of all, it is so easy to build out websites with WordPress that you can focus on providing great content.

The new number 10 Downing St site is not yet live, but you can get a sneak peek on the developer

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    Fantastic isn’t it! Here I have been tooting the horn for WordPress for so long. Maybe now businesses will really catch on!