The 6 Most Sizzling Content Marketing Articles So Far This Year

CB101562 More than 10,000 visitors voted with their mouse clicks to make these the 6 hottest articles out of 126 that we have posted in the virtual pages of from January through June 2008.

They range from transforming an old-fashioned brochure site into a killer sales machine…to why you need to unlearn traditional PR in the 21st century…to why you must publish an eNewsletter. 

Read on to find out why these articles were so popular with so many marketers.

1. How to Transform Your Brochure Site into a Round-The-Clock Sales Machine

If you are a solopreneur, you certainly have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Imagine how much more you could accomplish if your website was actively selling for you 24 hours a day seven days a week!

That’s exactly what Stephanie Diamond is helping solopreneur, Natalie Currie, to accomplish using a custom MindMap. Click to learn just how.

2. 11 Essential Content Marketing Insights from 2008 Custom Content Conference

Learn what some of the smartest people in the business had to say about 21st-century marketing.

When you invite leading edge content, marketing, and technology pros to address 150 professionals who spend all their time thinking about content, you are at risk of sensory overload.

If you’re not familiar with custom publishing, what’s important to know is that it provides targeted and relevant content to carefully selected customers. Content marketing flows directly from custom publishing roots. Click here to find out how those 11 insights can guide your content marketing efforts.

3.Really Bad Online Marketing Concept: Refuse to Tell Your Visitors How You Can Help Them Solve Their Problems

Here’s a quick three question quiz.

Give the home page of this website a 10 second review (no cheating–you can’t look at any interior pages). Then answer the following questions:

  1. Who are their target customers?
  2. What product or service are they selling?
  3. How can those products or services solve customer problems?

Here’s the best I could do:

  1. Somebody in public transit
  2. Some kind of technology relating to transit operations management
  3. I have no idea.

Actually, I was probably cheating because I spent more time looking at the site before I decided to write this post.  So I might not have picked up both one and two in a quick look at the site.  Click to learn what they should have done.

4.To Succeed Small Business Marketers Must Unlearn Traditional PR

Don’t get me wrong.  Public relations is still a critical component to any marketing strategy for companies of all sizes. 

Nonetheless, I am convinced that we need to turn our notions of public relations upside down so that it functions within a content marketing context.

I was inspired to think again about the transformation of public relations by a recent post from David Meerman Scott in his blog.  Click here to learn what you need to unlearn.

5. 6 Reasons You Should Publish an eNewsletter

If you aren’t delivering a regular eNewsletter to build your business, you should ask yourself why. You are probably missing the biggest and best opportunity to communicate in a consistent and meaningful way with your customers.

Of course, you need to generate regular content that brings value to your customers. But, with that basic proviso, an eNewsletter should become an integral part of your content marketing arsenal. Click here to learn exactly why.

6. Five Essential Reasons to Launch a Blog-Based Website Right Now

Too many people–-and I used to be one of them–-think of a blog as an out-of-control rant by a fanatic about some topic or other. Sure there’s plenty of that. However, today, business blogs are pervasive. They provide enormous value by delivering relevant content on a myriad of topics.

But, more importantly, an increasing number of what have been termed ‘blogs’ in the past are really websites. They are full-featured websites with as much capability is anything that could be built from scratch by talented programmers. I’m indebted to my new friends at for the new term, ‘ blog-powered website’ that I will use from now on. They’re doing some great stuff.

The secret sauce behind the site,, and thousands of others is the powerful and often free software that will enable you to establish a content rich website.

You no longer have an excuse to stick with the brochureware website that your sister’s cousin’s nephew built for you in some kind of JavaScript that nobody knows how to modify. Click here to learn the 5 reasons you need to launch a blog-powered website now.

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