Press Releases Are so 20th Century. Try This Social Media Press Release Instead.

social media press release small When zillions of baby boomers have their own Facebook and MySpace pages, you know that social media has gone mainstream.  That means that the all text, cookie-cutter press release needs to be sent off to the great PR ranch in the sky.

David Meerman Scott has written extensively about the new rules of PR and marketing in his book of the same name and on his blog, WebInkNow.  He stresses the need to communicate with a universe much broader than the traditional press sources who held the keys to publicity for your company.  Embracing this reality is the all important first step.  But there’s more that you can do.

When you are reaching out to this broader group, you should also consider using a completely different version of what used to be called a press release–and is now more properly called a social media press is release. Todd Defren of Shift Communications is a pioneer in the creation of this 21st-century tool.  As he explains it in a quote on the eNewsletter:

“Ultimately the [SMPR] is simply a way to both Web-ify the content that you put in a news release, and also, ideally, to socialize it. So it’s about adding multimedia, making sure these things are more findable that they’ve ever been before in the age of Google, but also giving some community and context aspects to it as well. Letting people potentially comment on the news, or take and remix aspects of the news and put it on their own blog … and discuss it and find it among their own friends.”

Here is a link to the template for the social media press release. You may find this a bit overwhelming in terms of the type and quantity of new sorts of content that it contains.  Nonetheless, you will be more likely to grab the attention of more influencers online if you extend your news messaging well beyond words.  I know that you’ll find it thought-provoking and hopefully inspirational. 

social media press release large


You certainly don’t need to include everything that this template includes to be more effective.  The inclusion of a single video clip or an MP3 audio file may be exactly what you need to be seen and heard within the social media community. Since they won’t be adapting to you, it’s about time that you start adapting to them.  Developing your own version of the social media press release is a great place to start.

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    Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your providing this information for us. I agree that the formality has decreased through the popularity of social media though perhaps it is in an attempt to appeal to that mainsteam audience and the realization that the attraction by quality content is most effective. Thank you.

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