48 Reason to Use WordPress to Power Your Online Strategy

twistnshout portfolio page When it comes to the power of WordPress, you don’t have to take my word for it.

The Performancing.com blog provided four dozen ways in which websites and blogs can use this powerful and flexible tool to create unique content solutions. This Twist ‘n’ Shout gallery application is just one example.

Blog author, Raj Dash, is a CMS (content management system) expert who, as he puts it, “has both written a small, custom CMSes from scratch as well is evaluated million-dollar professionals see in masses for large corporations, Word press’ robustness and never ceases to amaze me.”

Much of its power derives from the huge open source community of developers who keep adding more and more value and capability to the Word press platform. WordPress is still free, but offers the power of the CMS solutions that might cost upwards of $50,000, even in today’s competitive market.

Here are my five favorite of those 48 really cool applications of WordPress:

  • ford autoshows website The Ford Motor Company autoshow site which offers a virtual autoshow online looks nothing like a traditional WordPress theme. Ford was able to focus on content and design rather than worry about the backend CMS.
  • The Battlingforhealth.com uses a clever plug-in, WP-o-matic, that automatically creates blog posts from an RSS feed. This is the perfect solution if you want to aggregate lots of relevant content from related topic experts. think of an automatically created DrudgeReport.com
  • If you are realtor, you don’t need to build something from scratch. Instead you might want to consider the real estate WP theme. It’s not free, but it costs only $59.95. If you’re just starting out, that makes for a pretty sensible investment.
  • Easily introduce polling into your site with one of several WP polling plug-ins such as Democracy AJAX Poll or WP-Polls . You have the choice of creating a standalone site or simply integrating a polling function into an existing site.
  • If you are an agency, a designer or an artist you can show off your portfolio of work just as Twist’n’Shout did. Raj offers links from blogHelper that explain exactly how to do it: Part 1,
  • Part 2

Be sure to take a look at this great article so that you can investigate some of the powerful, creative, and outside the box uses of WordPress. I think you’ll also find Performancing.com an excellent source of information to help you do a better job of producing online content.

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