Top 10 Content Marketing Posts in 2007

It’s the Content, Stupid!Here are the most popular posts since the launch of Content Marketing Today in August 2007. See what you may have missed–and what thousands of marketers have learned over the past 5 months.

You’ll find everything from great newsletters to bad websites… great custom magazines for reluctant buyers… the 7 deadliest content marketing sins… 6 lessons to learn from a shopping mall…using content marketing to speed sales growth curve.

Read on for a great refresher course in content marketing.

1. Here’s a terrific eNewsletter–and Why It’s So Effective!

booksurge newsletter top Perfectly Targeted Content for its Readers

If you’ve ever written a book or thought seriously about writing a book,you may have some idea of how daunting the process can be. Of course,the writing itself is difficult enough—as my co-author Joe Pulizzi and I have come to learn. One really complicated part, however, is figuring out how to get your book produced and marketed. That’s where BookSurge, an service, enters the picture. Here’s why it’s newsletter is so terrific.

2. Don’t Try This on Your Website!

Be Customer-Centric, Not Company-Centric

If you are in the business of getting people to buy things from you…or even if you are a non-profit that depends on contributions to survive, you’d better take a different online approach than the now defunct Southwest Florida advertising firm, Devious Designs. Read more to learn what not to do with your website.

3. 6 Essential Lessons Your Website Should Learn from a Shopping Mall

coconut point mall good visual Even though the growth of online shopping is outpacing brick-and-mortar shopping, we can still learn a lot from in person retail environments.

Whether we are selling to other businesses or to consumers, here are the 6 most important lessons we can apply from best and worst retail practices.

4. Content Marketing Accelerates Acceptance of MindManager Software

Mindmapping is hard to explain, but easy to demonstrate. Mind Jet uses Content marketing to accelerate the acceptance of the concept and of their product, MindManager

San Francisco-based, software company, Mind Jet, has been developing mindmapping software since 1993. In the past three years they’ve grown dramatically from a three dozen employees to almost 165—and more than 900,000 users. Content marketing has played a key role in their success. Click here to learn why.

5. 3-Pronged Web Strategy from Ann Porter–Kitchen Design Wizard.

ann porter standing Solopreneur Takes Word-of-Mouth to the Web.

In many ways Ann Porter, the owner of Kitchen Studio of Naples, is a traditional solopreneur. At the same time, Ann is also a compelling and creative content marketer. She manages to maintain three separate online channels that connect her to current and future customers. Click to find out how Ann puts a micro-budget to work.

6. To Attract Affluent, Independent Buyers, Bonita Bay Group Launched an Elegant Magazine

IN Good Company cover What you do when your buyers just don’t want to be sold? That’s the dilemma that Southwest Florida community developer, Bonita Bay Group faced recently. Their target demographic wants to make up their own mind about where they live and what they buy.

The developer’s solution was to develop print and online content so compelling that future residents would sell themselves. Click to learn how to grab buyers who don’t want to be sold.

7. FOS Furniture: Lessons Learned from a Bad Website

If your retail website doesn’t showcase what you sell, you won’t turn many visitors into buyers.

Of course, we know that FOS Furniture must sell furniture, because ‘furniture’ is in their name. But, when you arrive at their home page you have no idea what sort of furniture they sell. Sadly, FOS is suffering in the SW Florida economy like many of their retail colleagues. The depressed real estate market has dampened sales from Naples up through Cape Coral. FOS is shuttering two stores in Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. Tough market aside, a much better website could have made a positive difference. Learn how to do it better by clicking here.

8. Don’t Make The 7 Deadliest Content Marketing Mistakes!

As you begin to consider rolling out your content marketing strategy, you will make your life a lot easier by avoiding 7 deadly traps. Here’s where too many marketers have gone wrong and wound up in the pit of marketing despair:

9. Can Fantastical Content Marketing create NY Times Bestseller?

Canadian single mom may beat the odds to become the next JK Rowling.

kamilla reading Creating a successful business book is difficult. Creating a best-selling work of fiction is even more challenging. Creating a blockbuster children’s fantasy novel is probably most difficult of all.

But, thanks to equal doses of determination, creativity, and showmanship, Kamilla Reid of Edmonton Alberta, may replicate the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Click here to learn how Kamilla is putting creative content marketing to work!

10. How Does a Very Small Hotel Compete against Giants?

tween waters inn cropped website Successfully, if you use the web as effectively as the ‘Tween Waters Inn on Captiva Island.

That’s the conclusion of a September 13, 2007 article in Gulf Coast Business Review. It paints a detailed portrait of what they have been able to accomplish with a lot more creativity than dollars. Click here to learn how a small budget beats a big budget.

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