Here’s an eNewsletter that Makes You an eNewsletter Expert!

constant contact eNewsletter Constant Contact really walks the walk when it comes to e-mail marketing.

Although the newly public company, Constant Contact, surely has a budget that most of us would envy, the strength of their eNewsletter has to do with its content and clean design.

We can all afford to replicate the style and sophistication of their eNewsletter, even if we are small business executives with micro-budgets. After all, we are the folks that this company targets.

Their software?  Inexpensive. Their advice?  Priceless.  Here’s what you can learn from their eNewsletter, Hints & Tips E-mail Marketing:


Content rich eNewsletters are one of the most effective marketing tools in the Internet age.  But they won’t work unless you carefully target the most pressing information needs of your prospective customers. 

Constant Contact obviously understands that its customers need to communicate effectively electronically in order to drive business growth.   They also understand that most of their customers are not sophisticated marketing experts–and almost certainly are not e-mail marketing experts. Therefore, they provide very practical, nuts and bolts advice on how to communicate effectively via e-mail and eNewsletters.

constant contact lower eNewsletter Their most recent eNewsletter is typically content rich and relevant to their target customers.  This is what you get:

  • A focused “Year in Review webinar” that that helps subscribers evaluate the success of their e-mail marketing programs.  Of course, it’s free to subscribers.
  • A link to all live webinars
  • A link to their blog with its current feature “Free E-mail Marketing Resources.”
  • A link to buy the new “e-mail Marketing for Dummies!,”  written by their own, Jon Arnold
  • An editor’s choice of top 10 articles from 2006 and 2007, including:
    • Why am I getting this? Making e-mail communication relevant to the receiver
    • Ask and you shall succeed.  Using online surveys to improve your e-mail communications.
    • Five steps to creating better e-mail campaigns
    • Getting the subject line right
  • A connection to their online community, ConnectUp!
  • 2007 reader survey results

Simple, Easy-to-follow eNewsletter Design

Constant Contact’s eNewsletter is very simple with relatively few graphics.  It gets right to the point and provides relevant links to a broad range of information resources.  You just keep scrolling and get more and more information.  When it shows the top 10 articles, it provides a link to the article a pithy one paragraph summary of the content.  The paragraph gives you just enough information to tell you whether you want to click through and action read the article.

And, they actually use what they sell!

Of course, Constant Contact eats its own dog food and uses the software that selling to small business executives to demonstrate how to communicate effectively via e-mail and eNewsletters.  If you’re currently trying to communicate with your customers using basic e-mail product like Microsoft Outlook you should take a look at Constant Contact.  They provide you with both the means and the methods to grow your business online.

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